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Rockville Centre Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips

Rockville Centre Gutter CleaningGutters are great roofing features that can increase the lifespan of your and keep water from damaging the siding of your house.

However, water is not the only thing that fills gutters. Gutters can become riddled with dirt, leaves and other debris. This will block your gutter from functioning correctly. To avoid this, a homeowner should clean their gutter regularly.

Things to Remember About Gutter Cleaning:

  • You should NEVER clean your gutters during any type of storm or bad weather.
  • Always use the proper safety precautions when attempting to inspect your gutters for debris build up
  • Work in pairs – it will get the job done quicker and improve the safety of the project
  • Use the proper tools and equipment
  • If you feel uneasy, call a professional Rockville Centre gutter cleaning specialist

Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips

When it is time to clean your gutters, you do not want to attempt these major cleanings alone. We recommend having your gutter cleaned out by a professional cleaning contractor at least once a year to ensure proper water flow. However, you need small cleaning to keep them from getting overwhelmed.

Here are the safety tips to help you during your cleaning process.

Ladder Safety – Your ladder should be long enough to reach the and go over slightly. For a typical one story home, your ladder should be at least 11 feet.

Gutter Scraper – While most gutter material can be removed using your hand, for the hard build up you need a gutter scraper. It will make removing stubborn dirt easier.

Bucket and Rope – You don’t want to throw your gutter garbage onto your nicely manicured lawn. Instead, have a bucket and rope ready to lower down the access garbage. If you are working in pairs (like we suggested) this will make it easy for the person the ground to empty the bucket.

Work Gloves – You gutter is going to be filled with all different types of sharp twigs, leaves and even metal pieces. To avoid harm to your hands, wear the proper safety gloves.

Safety Harness – A good way to ensure you are completely safe is to use safety harshness. Anytime that you are on your or on a ladder next to your , a safety harness will reduce the risk of a fall.

Other Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips From Your Rockville Centre Pressure Washing Company:

  1. When you are using a ladder, you should always make sure at least three of your body parts are touching the ladder. (for example: two hands and a foot or two feet and a hand)
  2. If you start to drop something, let it drop. Scrambling to safe a tool or item could end up causing harm to you.
  3. MOST VITAL TIP: If you feel uncomfortable climbing up high or you feel that your is just too steep, hire a professional gutter cleaning specialist for all of your gutter cleaning needs.

Why Choose Triton Exterior Cleaning

At Triton Exterior Cleaning, we make it a point to provide each and every one of our residential and commercial clients with the same level of respect we would want to be treated with. We actively listen to your needs and take into consideration the surface material we will be working with. It is important to deliver both an exceptional level of deep clean without causing any damage to the surface. This means knowing when to use pressure washing and when to use soft wash technologies.

We also do our part to be eco-friendly by using cleaning solutions that are biodegradable and environmentally safe. The bottom line is that we try to think of every last detail to make this the best experience for our customers, including offering Senior and Veteran Discounts. Now, all you have to do is give us a call to set up your consultation and let us show you, in person, how we earned the good reputation that we have.

If you are looking for a Rockville Centre gutter cleaning expert then please call 516-599-4663 or complete our online request form.

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